Thursday, May 19, 2016

San'Tyera's Genius Hour

 My name is San’tyera, I will be telling you about how I did my Genius Hour project for Ms.Snyder's gifted class. In this project, we were told to pick a topic and make a project that is sharable some suggestions for us to do a blog, website, video, etc.; The topic I chose is a project based on dogs getting abused. I experienced my love for dogs at a very young age. From then, I’ve gotten plenty of dogs in my possession. I chose to make a website that tells you what to do, how to comfort them, and who to tell if you ever see an abused dog. In my opinion, my project was really fun and it feels good to know that you were helping out in your community, but one thing you should know if you ever want to do this, is that it’s not easy. It takes lots of time, work, and you really have to question your self like for example asking yourself is this really a benefit for others, or does it just benefit you. In my opinion this is a fun way to keep your brain active and working, and an opportunity to help out in your community.
My Genius Hour started off on something about saving dolphins, but I didn't really care to much about it, so Ms.Snyder pulled me to the side and said, "That she could tell that I wasn’t really passionate about it and she told me to try and think of something that I really wanted to." So I was thinking about the deep love I have for animals, but to narrow it down instead of doing animals in general, I thought about my favorite one, which is the domestic dogs. I started asking up questions like “Why do people abuse dogs?” and other questions like that. Then I got had to work on the content for my what I was going to put in my website. Finally, I put it all together and I think it is really cool. 
Overall my project was a huge success and it was really fun. You can see my project at; I hope you enjoy my website :).

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