Tuesday, March 12, 2013

The Big Observation

 Conversation during my big observation today.

Me: What is shape in the middle of your paper?

5th grader: A diamond.

Me: (with a horrified look on my face) Are kidding me?

5th grader: (giggles/turns to look at my boss) I knew that would get her going. Really, I know it is a rhombus.

Whole class starts laughing (including myself and my boss).

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Lesson on Teamwork

 Last week, we had a lesson about teamwork and co-operation. In that lesson, I read the Marcia Brown book Stone Soup, we had a discussion and worked with a graphic organizer to define what it takes to be a good teammate. This week a third grader brought me her copy of The Little Red Hen. Then she suggested that we read it and discuss teamwork a bit more. When I asked her why that book and why she wanted to continue our conversation. She said," I was reading the book to my little cousin and it made me think of what we talked about last week. I just really felt like I had more to say." Truth is, my students might be not able to fully articulate or live out cooperation or teamwork yet. However, how great is it that they want to continue to the discussion?