Wednesday, September 4, 2013

What a START!!

We hit the ground running this year and we are off to a great start. We began exploring our year long endeavor of learning to be heroes/heroines. As we begin, we felt that is important that we all have a clear definition of what qualities it takes to make a hero/heroine. Our first step will be to identify noteworthy attributes that we find similar in our heroes/heroines. We began our exploration we pulled out a variety of different genres of literature with strong heroes/heroines.  Students will then identify and record text evidence for the different character traits of each hero/heroine using a Frayer Model. After, we have had time to read several different heroes/heroines we will go back through our Frayer Models use the evidence recorded to create a T- Chart that will compare and contrast these traits. From that list we will then make a master list of heroes'/heroines' attributes and start brainstorming on ways we can live the attributes out. At that point, we will begin to explore ideas for our first Challenge Based Learning (CBL) Project.  CBL always adds such electricity to our laboratory and we are looking forward to starting that process!

Finally, this past weekend I got the great news that we will again be participating in the global collaboration project  Rock Our World. This fall's round is entitled "Deck the Halls" and is focused on brightening up our community through art. Oneco's Gifted Laboratory is totally looking forward to meeting and working with our friends from around the globe.