Thursday, February 13, 2014

Gabbing With the Gifted (Grade 4/5)-Thursday

Pictures of two group's Ah-Boards and the third is being revised (or under construction).

Finally, our Reflection Journal Prompt for today was:
 How did analyzing your data help you understand your challenge better? Explain using examples from your work today.

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Gabbing With the Gifted-Thursday, 2/6/2014

We were running late and these were done really quickly. 

Group 1-"Thunder Kats"
CBL Challenge- To work to improve morning snacks. 

Group 2 -"Gummy Bears"
CBL Challenge- To prevent and eliminate bullying on Oneco's campus.

Group 3-"Gifted Wolfpack"
CBL Challenge- To promote students spending more time appreciating nature. 

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Gabbing With the Gifted-Tuesday 2/4/14

Third graders discussing their Challenge Based Learning (CBL) Project.
Their Challenge Aha Connection Board is what the group uses hold their Guiding Questions and answers. This board is helping us track of what we have learned and still need to learn before proposing possible solution.

Each class period the students are ask to write in their reflection journals.  Today I gave them the following prompt:

Eighteen teachers took your survey and we learned a lot. Please explain two or three things you learned from the survey and how that information will help lead us to a solution.

Monday, February 3, 2014

The Return of Gabbing With The Gifted

A couple of years back we use to have a Podcast Series entitled "Gabbing with The Gifted" where my students and I would briefly record a conversation at the end of most class periods. I felt it was a great way review and a wonderful way to let the community know what we did during class. Today I decide to pull the idea out and amp it up just a bit using PhotoBooth. The new and improved "Gabbing With the Gifted" will be quick one take videos with little to no editing. 

Monday, 2/3/14
Kindergarten and First Graders

Here are the two anchor charts used to guide students in deciding if a character is a hero or not. I have found that if I start with the character traits frayer and then move to the attributes T-chart students have an easier time using the text to justify their decisions.