Thursday, February 28, 2013

Rock Our World- Garage Band Track

We began our fifth round of the global collaboration project Rock Our World (ROW) this week. ROW consisted of several components GarageBand Tracks,  geography,  Challenge Based Learning (CBL)Project, and video conferencing.  Using the Apple software GarageBand (GB) Oneco Students will be working collaboratively with eight international schools to create eight different GarageBand tracks. Each week we receive a new track and new instrument to added. We all start our tracks with drums and this is what our fifth graders came up with to get us started. 

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

CBL Interviews

While working on our  Challenge Based Learning (CBL) the students conducted several interviews based on their group's topic.

     We had a visit from Mrs. O'Connor educator here at Oneco to discuss her extended family's experience with Hurricane Sandy. 

       We also had a Skype interview with Mrs. Hicks, from Bashaw Elementary School. She lost her home in a wildfire and took the time to share her experience with us.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Critical Thinking With a Side of Humor

Hilarious conversation that took place a couple of weeks ago while the students were working on their Challenge Based Learning (CBL) Natural Disaster Challenge.

5th Grader: Did you know that hurricanes are partly formed when cool air rushes over warm water?

Me: That is so cool! How does that information help your group with your challenge?

 (Challenge-To help others know what to do before, during and after a hurricane.)

5th Grader: Well we thought to keep the water cooler we could create a campaign telling people to stop peeing in the ocean. You know to prevent hurricanes (giggle).

Me: (laughing) I think that campaign might be a good idea, but not to prevent hurricanes.

5th Grader: (to his group) See I told you all she would laugh.

Well at least he was using his critical thinking skills.

Monday, February 25, 2013

Why a new blog?

Since  Oneco’s Gifted Program  was established we have had a website that we do our best to update regularly.  At the same time, for the last several years I have had a personal blog “Tales and Thoughts from Digiduchess” where I have share my thoughts , experiences and what I have been learning. However, I truly believe that learning takes place in the process and I have become increasingly frustrated with the fact that these venues have been unable to fully demonstrate that believe. It is my hope that with this blog we will be able to open up the doors to our laboratory just a bit more and allow others to see a bit more of our work in progress. The posts here will be brief glimpses into the laboratory and occur on a much more frequently than on my blog and/or our website.