Friday, August 22, 2014

August 2014 Newsletter

Dear Parents-

I would like to welcome you back for the 2014-15 school year. I am so excited about this year and really can’t wait to get started. This year, I will be at Prine Elementary on Monday and Tuesday with the rest of my week being spent at here Oneco Elementary.

Throughout this year we will be working towards becoming inventors that solve real world problems.  To help us with that process we will be using the Challenge Based Learning (CBL) framework, Interactive Notebooks and The Maker Movement.  While we have utilized the CBL framework for several years now, Interactive Notebooks were only introduced this past year.  The purpose of the interactive notebook is to enable students to record and organize  notes, observations, thoughts, reflections and new ideas so that they can become more independent thinkers. The Maker Movement is a do-it- yourself (DIY) movement that could include art, science, technology, music, technology, and any hands-on-activity.  To do this we will be utilizing some informal avenues such as: “How To” videos on You Tube (and other sites),  Skyping with experts and other forms of networking. Through these activities the Florida State Grade Level Standards are infused into this process. However, our main focus in goals/standards will continue to come from Florida's Framework for K-12 Gifted Learners. This is going to be an EXCITING year!

If you need to reach me, the best way is through email, the best way is through email

Supply List
-2/ 70 page spirals
-2 ream of white copy paper
-4 sharpened pencils
-8 AA batteries (Energizer, Duracell and Marks Brands preferred)

Thank you,
Frances M. Snyder (Francie)
Educator of the Gifted